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Prisoner of my desires…

It’s was a simple coincidence
That made our paths cross
If I were to decide then
I’d wish they never crossed
Now I toss and turn at night
Sometimes I stare in broad daylight
One would think am cursed or dazed
But my mind will not hesitate to wander
I wonder if I am bewitched
Who will break this spell I beg?
I want to be free again and breathe!

nudeSo I lay at night gripped with cold
All I could think of was his warm embrace
Oh so many nights I dreamed of this
Just to find out it’s a dream I confess
Sent a chill to the core of my bones
To court this witch had proved futile
So I have learnt to live with it
Hoping someday he will see with his heart
I believe he tossed to the bottom of the ocean
Maybe after he could not pick up the pieces
I curse the one who broke it beyond repair!

So I came to this sad realization
Dreams are just dreams gotta wake up
So I look to ma left see this crack of a door open
I want to kick it open and get over this pain
I have been groping in the dark far too long!
Thought I heard a voice….seems someone found me!
Goodbye my secret love I will always treasure u.


By Heleana Mutungi

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