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Made to be this way

There are certain times when I think I am losing my mind

I have moments of deja vu when my thoughts go in rewind

Thinking about all the times my confidence was on the decline

I remind myself of the blessings I have felt

But at the same time I remember all the bad cards I have been dealt

There where times when I was so depressed it affected my health

Those days where so dark that I couldn’t recognize myself

But through it all I never asked for any help

I always felt that I had to rely on myself

I had to channel the spirit inside me so truly show my wealth

I said many times I feel like the heavyweight champ with the belt

But each body blow slows me down having me question my health

I could swing a lot of haymakers until my bones break

But the level of pain in my bones can’t match the pain in my days

I know that this is the part of my life that is a stage

Full of mazes that are not understood because that is how they where made

As time goes by you open your eyes to the twist and turns that come your way

I asked myself am I strong enough to put up with life’s ways

I’m amazed of how I survived the emotional battles that came my way

I lived in the dark days and I’ll die in the lighter ways

At least I can say I am made to be this way

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