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In the mists of our thoughts…

I am still to a point where everything else seems to be falling like the soft dust of the Sahara

My mind wafts like the smoke from a countryside hut

Time pauses making the evening sunset unbearable

For its beauty tortures my heart at the thought of you

I move like the beats of a Kamba drum

I fantasize with the purity of an angel and the naughtiness of a devil

I see your face; I see your body as I see the sun set before me

I think of your luscious lips like the roses of spring being kissed by the bees on the countryside

I long for the enchantment of your lips on mine

I long for your touch like the evening moments long for the golden rays of the sunset

I want to touch you as a violinist plays with her instrument

Caressing the strings of your body, seeking the muse of your soul

I want to lick you from the nape of your neck to the thighs of your essence

Like a river meanders downstream in search of a balance …

I want to hold you in my arms like a guitarist holds his guitar

Strumming you along to my thoughts as I caress your breasts gently, softly

Invoking the deepest of deeps, lying deep within you

Raising you from your seclusion with a passion unbridled

I want to lick you like the first drops of rain that lick a dry perched land

That hasn’t seen rain in seven years

I want to worship your body with my fingers like a pianist plays his piano to the tune of a beautiful Mozart piece with an audience captivated by everything

I want to see your thighs part like the Red Sea did

As l lick down your thighs slowly, gently, like a kid licks ice cream on a hot summer’s day

Hearing you moan like gentle thunder of winter’s rain

I want to play your essence like David played the harp

I want to roll you over and over like the waves of the sea

I want to hear you moan like a wolf on a full moon night

I want to make love to you with the passion of a raging hurricane

With the strength of seven gods

With the gentleness of a dove

I want to sink my nails into your skin

Like the prickle of a thorn rose on a beautiful spring day

I want to sink my teeth into your essence

I want to drink your blood like vampires of days gone by

I want to possess you

I want to inhabit you

I want to engulf you

And like an orchestra that is well played, the symphony of the best days to come

I want to make a covenant of sacred love

With the bond that is from the blood of you that I shall drink

As we become one with the essence of sublimation

Into the mists of our thoughts….

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