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But for His Grace…

No matter how we shake it,

we are all born unto sin,

’tis our human folly,

our rebellious side within,

our nature,

not what was meant to be,

no longer the perfection

of when God created you and me.

We began that downhill slide

from the time we were first deceived,

listened to that slew foot serpent

and in Satan’s lie believed…

Yet God is always with us

to love, save, hold and cherish.

He gave His all, His very best

that not one soul should perish.

As we face each day we’re living,

caught in this worldly place,

He is always near to help us,

keep us in His loving grace

if we will seek and follow,

trust Him and believe,

ask for His constant guidance,

His blessings we’ll receive.

When we open our heart to Him

His love we’re sure to find.

The God I know and love and trust

is very, very kind.

But for His grace and mercy

my life would be for not

but by His grace my life He saved

and now eternal life I’ve got

and found in Him the closest friend,

Friend, Savior, Lord and King,

my All in All, Love of life,

my God, my Everything.

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